A Scout is Obedient

A Scout is Obedient. A Scout respects the laws of his community and nation. He obeys those laws and behaves in a sense that will make his community proud. A Scout obeys his parents and Scout leaders and other adults. If he feels that these laws are wrong, he attempts to change them rather than simply to disobey.

Perhaps this point should be changed. A Scout should obey his parents and other adults; but with child abuse rampant in our country, a good Scout should consult others before doing something his concious finds strange or unusual. The old adage "listen to your elders" cannot work in many places today. A Scout should respect the laws of his community and nation; however, if one remembers the crazy laws in many Southern states forbidding non-Whitess from using certain facilities and from sitting anywhere on a bus, one has to question the reasoning behind obediance. If a person feels that a law or rule is wrong, yes, our state and federal documents calls for that person to try and get the law changed.

It is hard for laws to be changed overnight. To this end, Scouts and Scouters are encouraged as citizens, not as Scouts or Scouters to take part in the processes of our government. Scouts cannot take part in political rallies or other political events while wearing the official Scouting uniforms (this is to avoid the posssibility of the Scouting program inplying "favortism" or influncing an election or a particular candidate). Scouters and Scouts can serve as flag escorts or other such functions provided than they are not on the podium or platform at the same time as the candidate or speaker.

The entire premise behind this point is to insure that a good Scout obeys the lawful and common-sense requests of his parents, other adults and the community through the laws and the Constitution. In asking for obedience, one must obey. In practicing this point, be wary of what to obey and why. If in doubt, ask others, especially if a request seems out of the ordinary.

When the Scout Laws were first written and adopted, the committee doing the translation from the British version did not anticipate the torrential problems in which we live in today. There is actually no other way to write this point except to say "obey those in hopes that one day you will wish to be obeyed also."

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