Cub Scout Bear Ceremonies

Why the Chipmunk has Black Stripes Bear Ceremony by Rick Clements


People Required:

  • Akela (Cubmaster)
  • Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)


  • Forest Scene
  • Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)

Akela: Once upon a time, long ago, the animals had tribes and chiefs just like the people. One night, Porcupine sent out a message requesting all the animals to come together for a great council of the tribes. He had a very important matter for them to consider. At the Council meeting, Porcupine stood up to address the animals. His quills quivered and gleamed in the firelight. "I cannot decide," he said, finally. "I cannot decide whether we shall have night or daylight all the time."

Baloo: The bear rocked to and fro on his hind legs, trying to drown out the others by rumbling in a big deep voice, "Always night! Always night! Always night!"

Akela: A little chipmunk who had been sitting on the outskirts of the Council meeting became annoyed. (Chipmunks hate to sit still for any time.) "You can talk all you like," he shrilled out in his tiny, squeaky voice, "but the light will come whether you want it or not. The light will come."

Baloo: The other animals did not pay any attention to him, but went on bawling and roaring and growling until they were hoarse. Chipmunk danced with excitement on the outskirts of the Council meeting shrieking, "The Light Will Come! The Light Will Come!"

Akela: And before the animals knew it, a faint flush had crept up in the sky, and the golden disc of the sun rose above the tree-tops. Could it be possible that it was daylight whether they wished it or not?

Baloo: A shrill voice suddenly piped up from the edge of the assembly. "What did I tell..." "GRRRRR!"

Akela: Chipmunk was gone like a flash through the trees with Bear after him. Chipmunk was so quick that he slipped into a hole in a tree before Bear could catch him. But, just before he disappeared, Bear struck at him with his paw. The black stripes that run down the chipmunk's sides today show where Bear's claws hit him long ago at that Council meeting when the animals tried to decide whether they should have darkness or daylight all the time.

Baloo: Just as the bear left it's mark on the chipmunk. We are here to honor Cub Scouts who have left their mark on this pack. On their way to learning about their self, their family, their country, and God, they have taken part in many activities in the pack.

Akela: Bring these Cub Scouts and their parents forward so I may honor them with the award they have earned.

Baloo: Will the following Cub Scouts come forward with their parents?

(Baloo names the boys who are to receive the Bear badge.)

(Akela hands the badge to the parents.)

Akela: Parents, would you please present the Bear badge to your son? As is our custom, please attach the badge to his uniform upside down, with the tape. Once a good deed is performed, the badge may be permanently attached right side up. The pin is worn by the parents as an indication that Cub Scouting continues to be a family activity.

Baloo: These boys deserve a cheer for their hard work. What could be more appropriate than a bear growl?

Unknown Scout Bear Advancement by Rick Clements

People Required:
  • Akela (Cubmaster)
  • Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)


  • Campfire
  • Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)

Baloo: One day in 1909 an American businessman named William Boyce was having trouble finding his way in the London fog. As he stood on the street, a young boy approached him and asked if he could help. Mr. Boyce told him the address he was looking for, and the boy led him to his destination. When Mr. Boyce attempted to give him a tip for his help, the boy said, "No thank you sir, I'm a Scout and Scouts do not accept rewards for doing good turns." This meeting inspired Mr. Boyce to form the Boys Scouts of America.

Akela: The slogan of the Boys Scouts to this day is "Do a good turn daily." And, as Cub Scouts, we say in our promise that we will help other people. A very important part of the Cub Scout program is the advancement of the boys as they work to be good Cub Scouts. We recognize the Cub Scouts in our pack in honor of the unknown scout in England.

Baloo: Will the following boys who have earned their Bear badge, and their parents please come forward?

(Baloo lists names of boys earning the Bear badge.)

Akela: I know the pride that you have in completing the Bear requirements is the same pride that was heard in the voice of the unknown Scout so long ago when he said, "I'm a Scout." And, with your Bear badge, you move closer to that day when you too will be able to make the same claim.

(Baloo hands badges to parents.)

Akela: Parents, would you please present the Bear badge to your son? Attach the badge to his left uniform pocket upside down using the tape. Once your son performs a good deed, the badge may be permanently attached right side up.

Baloo: The parents may sit down while the boys join Akela around the campfire. Then I will place your headband on your head indicating your new rank.

A Bear Ceremony

Assistant Cub Master:
When a Cub Scout reaches third grade he begins working from the big Bear Book. Just as Akela met the BEAR with courage, the Scout walks the BIG BEAR TRAIL. On that trail he finds and conquers 12 challenging achievements in the categories of God, Country, Family, and Self. He then receives his bear badge.

Cub Master:
Would the following boys and their parents please come forward. Parents please stand behind your son.

(call out the names)

You have completed all the requirements for your Bear badge and have moved along the Cub Scout trail. Receive now the mark of the Bear, a TURQUOISE mark, symbolizing bravery and courage.

[Mark each boy with TURQUOISE face paint.]

Assistant Cub Master:
[Present Bear badges to parents as Cub Master paints faces] It is our pleasure to award your Bear badge to your parents, who have been your Akela in completing these requirements. Parents, please pin the Bear badge to your son's left shirt pocket and congratulate him on a `Job Well Done'. Parents, as your son's Akela, you are entitled to proudly wear the parent's Bear pin enclosed with your son's Bear badge.

Cub Master:
It is my pleasure to congratulate each one of you on earning your Bear badge. Boys please step over to the Advancement Ladder and move your clothes pin to the Bear level. Parents and Scouts please return to your seats.

Bear Advancement

  • Cubmaster
  • Assistant Cub Master
  • Advancing Cub Scouts and parents.


  • Large cut out of Bear badge and stand
  • Candle holder to hold one candle for each Cub Scout advancing
  • Bear badges with straight pins.

Cubmaster: Since our last Pack Meeting some of our Cub Scouts have completed all the achievements for Bear. Will the following Scouts please come forward.

(call out the names)

Scouts to earn the rank of Bear each of you worked on 12 achievements. In keeping with the Cub Scout Promise you learned about your religious faith and duty to god, you learned about our country and your duty to country, you learned about wildlife and caring for our planet, you shared activities with your family and learned how to protect yourself and your family, you learned the importance of staying physically fit, you learned leadership skills, learned how to safely use a knife by earning your whittling chip and learned how to use some tools to build things. You worked very hard to complete your Bear achievements.

However, you did not do it alone. You had help from your Den Leaders and your parents. Will the parents of these Scouts please come forward and stand behind your son.

Assist. Cubmaster: We, are very pleased that each of you Scouts have attained this honor and will continue your progress through Cub Scouts by earning Gold and Silver Arrow Points and graduating to Webelos. Before you is a picture of the Bear Badge and one lit candle representing the Spirit of Cub Scouting. By advancing from Wolf to Bear you have demonstrated the Spirit of Cub Scouting in you every day life. Now to spread that Spirit of Cub Scouting, each of you, one at a time light your own candle using our Spirit of Cub Scouting candle and then return to your parents.

Cub Master: Parents, As the Cubmaster, I have not earned the privilege of presenting the Bear Badge to your sons. So, your Assistant Cub Master, Mr. _______________, will hand each of you parents the Bear Badge and in turn you may present it to your son by pinning it on his left shirt pocket.

Assist. Cub Master: Now, I ask each of you new Bear Cub Scouts to reaffirm your commitment to the Cub Scout Spirit by repeating the Cub Scout Promise.

I, ______________________ promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the law of the Pack.

Cub Master: Parents, included with your son's Bear Badge is a Bear Parent's Pin. By helping your son along the Bear trail you may proudly wear this pin. For you sons to continue the Cub Scout Spirit they will be depending on you to help guide them. To reaffirm your commitment to your son continued advancement along the Cub Scout trail please repeat the following promise after me:

We will continue to
Do our best
To help our sons
Along the achievement trail
And share with them
The work and fun of Cub Scouting.

Bear Cub Scouts, as your Cub Master, it is my privilege to be the first to salute you for great accomplishment. (Cub Master salutes new Bear Scouts with the Cub Scout Salute)

Parents and Scouts you may now be seated.

The Second Great Step Along the Cubbing Trail

Characters: Cubmaster, Den Chiefs, Advancing Cubs and parents, Den Leaders

CUBMASTER: Will the den chief who has Cubs ready to receive their Bear please come forward. (This is all arranged in advance). Now, will you please give the names of the advancing Cubs from your Den and bring them forward.

(Den Chief announce names and take boy to Cubmaster at front).

CUBMASTER: Cubs, we are happy to see that you have made the second great step along the Cubbing trail. You have completed the Bear Achievements, and you have proved yourselves worthy of membership in our Pack. The advancing Cubs will face their fellow Cubs and parents step forward two paces. Cubs, I'm going to ask Den Chief to lead your in a cheer for these new members of our Bear rank.

(Den Chief leads cheer and advancing Cubs return to their places in line but remain facing audience.)

CUBMASTER: Now, Den Chief, I understand the parents of these Cubs are present tonight, and I'm going to ask you please to bring them forward. (Den Chief brings parents to Cubmaster and places them so that each Cub is standing between his mother and father.)

CUBMASTER: These Cubs have done a splendid job in our Pack. They have climbed the Cubbing ladder well. But this could not have been possible had not interested parents helped. These Cubs have passed their achievements to their parents. Now I'm going to ask just the parents in the audience to stand and give these fine boys a hand.

(Cubs in audience remain seated, but all parents stand and applaud).

CUBMASTER: There are other people in addition to this fine Den Chief who have contributed to the advancement of these Cubs. I'm going to ask each advancing Cub to call out the name of this Den Leader: and as their names are called, I'd like them to stand while we all sing "They're Jolly Good Fellows".

CUBMASTER: And now we are ready to award the Bear badges to these Cubs. As Cubmaster, I do not claim the privilege of presenting the badge. I'm going to present the badge to each parent and allow them to present it to their son. (Present badges to their sons and congratulate them.)

The Fourth Bead Den Ceremony

Cub Scouts who have completed 12 achievements and earned the Wolf or Bear rank, receive their badges at a pack ceremony. But it's a good idea to recognize them in the Den too, with a simple ceremony as soon as they finish the 12th achievement.

PERSONNEL: Den Leader, advancing Cub Scout.

EQUIPMENT: Bead from Immediate Recognition Kit.

DEN LEADER: Today (Name of Cub) gets his fourth bead for passing three more achievements for Wolf(or bear) rank. Do you know that means? It means that he has finished all 12 achievements for Wold(or Bear). At our next Pack meeting, he'll get his new badge I think that's great! He'll wear his new Wolf (or Bear) badge on his left shirt pocket.

(attach bead to thong of Progress Toward Ranks patch).

Keep working on advancement, (Name the Cub). That's the way you'll have the most fun in our Den and Pack. Let's see you other Cubs keep advancing,too. Congratulations!

Akela's Bears

EQUIPMENT: Orange candle and advancement board

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Den Chief, Bear candidates, their parents (Den Chief escorts candidates and their parents; may light candle)

CUBMASTER: Will Den Chief(s) __________ bring forward the following Cub Scouts and their parents: (Name boys)

From the kindly bear, Akela learned the secret name of the trees, the call of the birds, and the language of the air. Just as Akela learned things that required a little more skill, so have these Cub Scouts, as they have achieved the Bear rank.

Just as Akela's parents helped him to accept a little more responsibility as he grew older, so have your parents helped you to achieve your new rank as a Bear Cub Scout.

You too, have proved yourself worthy of being called braves in Akela's tribe. I hope you will continue to be worthy Scouts and to advance to our Webelos den some day.

(Hands badges to parents as Den Chief lights orange candle.) Parents, we appreciate the help you have given your sons toward earning this badge. Among other things, Scouting teaches teamwork. Continue to work with them and it will pay big dividends. We now ask that you present these badges to your son(s).

Pack Ceremony for Arrow Points

CUBMASTER: Tonight we have some wolves and bears who have been hard at work on their electives and some of them have done enough to earn their gold arrow under Wolf or Bear and of them will receive silver arrows tonight. I would like the following boys and their parents to come up onto the stage(or front). (Read list of boys and whether gold or silver, and under which badge.)

CUBMASTER: It gives me great pleasure to award these arrow points to you fellows tonight. As I read your names the Assistant Cubmaster, , will hand you the awards with our congratulations for a job well done.

(After this is done, the Cubmaster then says:) "These boys have learned how to make and do many useful and fun things while working on these electives. For each 10 projects he completes, he receives an arrow point, so you can see that these boys have been busy fellows indeed. For all their fine efforts, we're going to give them a special applause stunt." (Have other boys stand and give as applause stunt.)

Arrow Point Ladder Ceremony

Preparation: Ceremony board resembles a ladder; the top rung representing the Boy Scout with lower rungs representing the Cub ranks. Between each Cub rank a vacant rung representing the elective achievements. Each rung representing the Cub rank supports a candle. At the beginning of the ceremony the Cubmaster lights candles. As boys are awarded Gold and Silver arrow points the candle representing his rank is moved to the vacant rung representing his progress.

CUBMASTER: Den Chief (name) will you please escort Wolf (name) and Bear (name) to the ceremonial circle? (Den Chief escorts Cub to front) Cub Scouts, each of you have taken another step forward and upward in your climb to the rank of Boy Scout. With the help of your parents and Den Leaders, the climb has been much easier.

Will the parents of these boys come forward please? (Den Chief escorts parents to stand in position behind their boy.) Wolf (name), for the extra work on your Wolf electives, I present to your parents in your behalf the gold arrow point of Cub Scouting. (Cubmaster moves candle to appropriate rung and congratulates parents and boy).

Bear, (name), having received the gold arrow point some time ago, indicates to me your desire to advance still farther up the ladder. In your behalf, I present to your parents the silver arrow point of Cub Scouting. Wear it proudly. (Cubmaster again moves candle to appropriate rung on ladder and congratulates parents and boy).

To each of you that have received awards today, again, Congratulations! And to you boys and parents still striving for coveted awards, work hard that you may attain your goal, the top rung of Cub Scouting.

Bear Award Spear

EQUIPMENT: Council fire-Award blanket-Ceremonial spear-Appropriate emblem-indian costumes.

PERSONNEL: Akela (Cubmaster), Medicine Man (Adult Leader)

AKELA: "I hold the lance of the Bear, read the names of those qualified for this high honor."

MEDICINE MAN: (reads names)

AKELA: "Will these Cub Scouts and their parents come to the council fire?" (Guide them to their positions)

MEDICINE MAN: (Reads qualification for this award - Bear)

AKELA: "I ask the den leaders, have these boys met these tests?"

DEN LEADERS: (Remain seated) "Yes"

AKELA: "It is then my pleasure to award to you the following awards. "

MEDICINE MAN: (Gives each boy his Bear badge individually and arrow points he is receiving at this time.)

AKELA: (Announces the names of the boys who may be receiving any arrow points.)

Family Participation in the Bear Rank Ceremony

This ceremony emphasizes family participation in Cub Scouting. Exact wording is unimportant; do not worry about memorizing. Present it in a conversational tone. If you have more than one Cub Scout receiving the award, have all the boys and their parents come forward at the same time. This ceremony is easily adapted to all ranks.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Scouts, parents and Den Chief

EQUIPMENT: Bear Badge, certificate, straight pins

CUBMASTER: Cub Scouts and parents, tonight we want to honor those Cub Scouting families who are advancing in rank. Den Chief(name), one of the Cub Scouts in your den is ready to receive his Bear Badge this evening. Is that right? (answer) Will you please escort Cub Scout (name) forward. (den Chief does so) (name), we're really glad that you have reached the Bear rank in Cub Scouting. It's one more step up the ladder. (gives handshake) Are your parents with you?

CUB SCOUT: Yes, sir, they are.

CUBMASTER: Den Chief (name), will you please escort Mr. & Mrs. (name) forward so they may take part in our ceremony? (den chief does so) We are glad to have you here tonight. (shakes hands) We want to tell you how much we appreciate the cooperation which you have given. Without it your son might not have reached the Bear rank. Cub Scouting is a family program and that means not only your son is advancing to the Bear rank, but the whole family has taken another step upward too. As the Cubmaster I haven't earned the privilege of presenting the badge to your son so I am going to give it to you, Mr. & Mrs, (name), and ask you to present it to your son. (Dad does so and both parents congratulate son) Now, will all of the Cub Scouts in the audience stand and give (name) a hand for the fine job of advancement he is doing. (Cub Scouts applaud). Will parents and guests stand and recognize Mr. & Mrs. (name) for their son's honor. I am sure we're all aware of the contribution made by (names), Den Leaders. Will they stand and be recognized. (all applaud).

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