Webelos Ceremonies

When Mt. St. Helens Walked the Earth Webelos Ceremony

(Story Rock, Pacific NW Indian references)
by Rick Clements
People Required:
  • Akela (Cubmaster)
  • Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)
  • Mountain scene with broken bridge
  • Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)
Akela: Long ago, a group of braves from a tribe went out hunting. One brave sat on a rock to rest. Baloo: He heard a voice speak to him. Akela: The brave jumped up, trying to figure where the voice was coming from. Baloo: It was the rock. The rock told him a story about when Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood walked the earth. They were a family like people have families today. Akela: For many days the brave listened to the stories from the rock. The other braves wondered why he was catching so little and followed him one day. Baloo: The other braves heard the rocks stories too. It told them that the bridge of the gods once was a rock bridge over the Columbia River. But, the tribes began to fight. Mt. St. Helens was so mad, it threw rocks at the bridge and broke it. This left the two tribes on opposite sides of the river with no way to fight each other. The rock told them to tell this story to their children, so it would not be forgotten. Akela: The Webelos we are honoring tonight and the Webelos we honored previously are now the oldest boys in our pack. It is their job to tell the stories of our pack to the younger boys. They can tell them about the (list activities) (i.e. space derby, bike rodeo, the Christmas tree mulch, the hikes, Day Camp) and the many other activities they have enjoyed. Baloo, please call up the boys we are honoring tonight. Baloo: Will (names) please come forward with their parents? Baloo: To earn the Webelos badge each scout must earn the Webelos fitness activity pin and two others. These scouts have learned about Boy Scouting and respect for God. (Hand badge to the parents.) Akela: Parents, would you please present to your son his Webelos badge? Please attach the badge to his uniform upside down, with the tape. Once he performs a good deed, it may be permanently attached right side up. The pin is worn by the parents as an indication that Cub Scouting will always be a family activity. Baloo: Since you boys are the youth leaders of our Pack, I want to leave you with a challenge. Over this next year, help me find ways to make the Pack even more fun. Will the Pack join me in the Cub Scout cheer? After I say Cub, you reply Scout.

A Webelos Ceremony

Assistant Cub Master:
In fourth and fifth grade, Cub Scouts are brought into the tribe of Webelos. Webelos stands for `we'll be loyal scouts'. In the tribe of Webelos, boys prepare themselves for Boy Scouting. Webelos work on 20 different activity badges from five skill groups: physical, mental, outdoors, community, and technical skills. After three months in the Webelos Den, earning three activity pins and learning about Boy Scout ways, they have completed all the requirements for the Webelos badge.
Cub Master:
There are Cub Scouts among us tonight who have earned their Webelos Badge. Would the following boys please come forward with your parents to be recognized and honored by the Pack.
List of boys. You have completed all the requirements for your Webelos badge, have moved along the Cub Scout trail and have earned a place in the Webelos Tribe. Receive now the mark of the Webelos Tribe, a BLUE mark, symbolizing vigilance, perseverance and justice. [Mark each boy with BLUE face paint.] Assistant Cub Master:
[Present Webelos badges to parents as Cub Master paints faces] It is our pleasure to award your Webelos badge to your parents, who have been your Akela in completing these requirements. Parents, please pin the Webelos badge to your son's left shirt pocket and congratulate him on a `Job Well Done'. Parents, as your son's Akela, you are entitled to proudly wear the parent's Webelos pin enclosed with your son's Webelos badge.
Cub Master:
It is my pleasure to congratulate each one of you on earning your Webelos badge. Boys please step over to the Advancement Ladder and move your clothes pin to the Webelos level. Parents and Scouts please return to your seats.

Compass Badge Presentation

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos Leader EQUIPMENT: Compass badge and compass point. CUBMASTER: Tonight we have boys receiving Webelos recognition. (number) earning the compass and (number) earning the compass point. To earn the compass, a Webelos Scout has to earn his Webelos badge and four additional activity badges -- a total of seven activity badges. Once the compass has been earned, besides working on the Arrow of Light; the boy can work on earning compass points. He can earn one gold compass point for each four activity badges. To fill his compass a boy needs to earn nineteen of the available 20 activity badges. Would Mr./Mrs._______, the Webelos leader please come forward and present the awards. WEBELOS LEADER: The compass badge is not an award that is sewn onto a boy's uniform. It is attached to his right pocket button under the flap. The points are given to the boy to put in any position he chooses. Tonight (names) have earned their compass and (names) have earned their compass point. Will they please come forward. This shows that the boys are working hard toward the end of their Cub Scout trail. Congratulations boys!!!!

Webelos Geologist Activty Badge

EQUIPMENT: Activity pins Webelos will be receiving.
PERSONNEL: Webelos Den Leader, Cubmaster, Webelos Scouts.
WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Webelos "We Be Loyal Scouts." Our goal is to be loyal scouts. We try to do our best even tough the road appears difficult at times, we are striving to meet that goal. The Geologist activity badge has been earned by the following Webelos Scouts. (List the Webelos to earn the pin.) Will these boys please come forward. While the Webelos leader is presenting the pins to the boys the Cubmaster notes the requirements. CUBMASTER: To earn the Geologist pin a boy must do five of the following: Give examples how rocks and minerals are used in the products we use in our society. Collect five geologic specimens that have important uses. List some geologic materials used in building your home. Make a drawing that shows the causes of volcano, geyser or an earthquake. Explain one way mountains are formed. Make a scale of mineral hardness and show the relative hardness of three rock samples. WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Let's stand and give these boys a round of applause.

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